St. Mary’s Mill


Location St Marys, Chalford.

St Mary's Mill at Chalford

St Marys Mill at Chalford






In 1905 it was known as the ‘Chalford Stick Company Ltd’.

In 1981 the business moved to North Woodchester, location unknown but possibly to Churches Mill, as this is well known as the ‘old walking stick factory’.

St Mary's Mill at Chalford

St Mary's Mill at Chalford from Hyde Hill

There’s a lot more information taken from an open day at the mill if you click the link below. This has photos of the big internal water wheel and video of the Tangye steam engine. The only internal public access to the mill is on open days which are held once or twice a year.

St Mary’s Mill Open Day

St Mary's Mill at Chalford

There’s nowhere to park at the mill so the easiest way to get to the mill is to park at the old Brimscombe Port (free visitor parking) or at Chalford by the old Roundhouse and walk along the canal path.

The walk from Brimscombe is about a mile in each direction and you can have tea and cake at the Felt Cafe which is alongside the canal path at Brimscombe. The walk from the roundhouse at Chalford is about half the distance.

Brimscombe to Chalford Canal Path Walk