Robin Hood

1st August 2016 Stroudie 0

Robin Hood came to Stratford Park yesterday in theatrical guise for a small production behind the museum.

In Transit

1st August 2016 Stroudie 0

Interesting sculpture or artwork by the old Capels Mill in Stroud. The artwork was opened on the 4th July 2014.

Capels Mill Canoeing

17th July 2016 Stroudie 0

The Stroud Valleys Canoe club turned out today on the restored section of canal by Chapels Mill to mark the completion of dredging between Wall bridge lock and Chapels Mill.

Stroud Country Show 2016

16th July 2016 Stroudie 0

In the dim distant past this was known as the Stroud Show (still might be, different people call it different things) and was preceded by a procession of floats driving around Stroud. Check out this years show..

Stroud Festival of Nature

12th July 2016 Stroudie 0

The Stroud Festival of Nature took place in Stratford park today with many of the local wildlife organisations having stalls in Stratford Park.