Kimmins Mill

Kimmins Mill at Dudbridge from Rodbrough Fort
Taken from Rodborough Fort, Kimmins Mill is the large building in the lower right

Kimmins Mill was up for Auction on the 16th December 2020

The Stroud Mills Heritage Centre were using the mill for storage but had to move out a while ago. The building was put up for auction on December the 16th. It had a guide price of £100,000 to £125,000 + fees.

It sold for £280,000

As of March 2024 nothing appears to have changed with the mill.

The next two photos were taken in 1988 before Sainsbury’s was built.

Kimmins Mill in Stroud taken in 1988
Kimmins Mill Stroud in 1988


Kimmins Mill Stroud in 1988
Kimmins Mill in Stroud taken in 1988

The mill as seen on the entrance to Sainsbury’s car park, taken in 2000. It looks the same in 2024.

Kimmins Mill in Stroud taken in Jan 2000
Kimmins Mill in Stroud

The first photo shows it in 2018 and was taken from Rodborough Fort. It’s the tall building in the lower right of the photo. The larger mill in the upper left in the photo is Ebley Mill, now home to Stroud District Council.

Sainsbury’s fixed up the exterior of Kimmins Mill when the new store was built some years ago.

Previously it was a flour mill. A stone located high up in the wall marks the date as 1849.

In the past there was some narrow gauge railway track that allowed railway trucks to be brought up to the area where the large doors are seen in the second photo.

The railway here was the LMS line and there is a commemorative plate on the wall by the cycle track where the old railway station used to be.

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