Holcombe Mill


Holcombe Mill Avening


Holcombe Mill in 1990


Holcome Mill in 1990







Holcombe Mill is found along B4014 Avening road about a mile out of Nailsworrth.

The Purified Flock & Bedding Co Ltd was established in 1893 and manufactured ‘Holspring bedding and divans. It also produced flock for mattress fillings.

To make flock, you collect lots of rags and such like, shred them and then fluff them up after sterilizing and drying.

The main feature of the mill these days is the large chimney.

Holcombe Mill near Nailsworth

I have some old black and white images I think I took around 1990 that show an old building attached to the side of the chimney. To show the current state of that part the building I have re-photographed it. Please excuse the rather dark sky in the first two black and white images, I was experimenting with dodging and burning in my darkroom at the time!

I’m not sure which is the actual mill on the estate where the mill now stands as the tall chimney isn’t near another old building on that estate so maybe the chimney and the building to the side of it was a separate engine or boiler room.

The large top photo at the top was taken from the woods on the other side of the road in October 2015, the two black and white ones were taken in about 1990 and the others in Feb 2000.