Belvedere Mill at Chalford


Location Chalford, near the roundhouse. Excuse the bad photo, it’s ancient and taken from my old website when screens were very low res! It was taken from the bridge that goes up Hyde Hill.

Belvedere Mill at Chalford

Belvedere mill was once used to build the bodies of cars for the Hampton Car Works during the 1920s. Hampton is the old name for Minchinhampton.

At the top on Rodborough Hill opposite the Prince Albert (or the vicinity) is an old mile marker on the side of the road that tells you how far away Hampton is.

The mill pond in front of the mill has become somewhat overgrown since the above photo was taken. It’s part of the river frome.

The water wheel was to the right of the building. I went in the cellar back in the 80’s when I worked there and it was very dark and somewhat dominated by the sound of the water crashing over the waterfall and through the building.

Water also went around the other side of the building via a sluice gate.

During the 70’s and 80’s it was used for the manufacture of fruit machines for the gaming industry by a company called Marian Electronics.

Marian folded and were reformed as an electronics design company called Heber.

Behind the building used to be part of the Stroud waterworks.