About Stroudie Central


Welcome to Stroudie Central, a community resource for Stroud in Gloucestershire.

Way too much information gets put into walled gardens like Facebook that vanishes from view after a day never to be seen again, assuming it was made public in the first place so this site tries to keep local history and information available.

What’s a Stroudie?

The term Stroudie is an affectionate term thats grown into common usage over the years to describe the good natured residents of Stroud.

That said, comments on ‘social’ suggest that some who have lived in Stroud since forever have never heard of the term and suggest it’s only applicable to people that have recently moved here.

Stroud and it’s five valleys have many different types of artist that show their work at local exhibition venues such the Museum in the Park and Lansdown Hall. Have a look at our Instagram followers or who we follow to find local artists and alternative shopping.

What’s Stroudie Central about?

It’s about Stroud in Gloucestershire and the surrounding area.

Stroudie Central makes no claims to be a source of the latest news. It’s a blog that tries to keep up with the main events around Stroud and to track the ever changing landscape as developers alter it.

The site has lots of information on local walks and on the many old mill buildings in the area. These items are found in the ‘Out and About’ and Walks menu.

Where is Stroud?

It’s in Gloucestershire. Stroud is in what’s known locally as the five valleys.

Who funds and runs Stroudie Central

It’s personally funded. Some parts of the site contain links to relevant books about Stroud etc on Amazon for which I would receive a commission if the click resulted in a sale. Checkout the Stroudie Central Bookshop

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Copyright and photo reuse

All photographs and website content are copyright of the owner of Stroudie Central (unless otherwise stated) and may not be used or republished without permission. However, don’t be afraid to ask as I usually give it.

Specifically, this means don’t take my photographs and post them in Facebook groups without saying where you got them from.