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Welcome to Stroudie Central, a community website for Stroud in Gloucestershire.

What’s a Stroudie?

The term Stroudie is an affectionate term thats grown into common usage over the years to describe the good natured residents of Stroud.

Just about every website about Stroud says Stroud has a lot of bohemian residents which is a fairly accurate description. I put it down to the terrain of the place that doesn’t lend itself to the development of huge soulless shopping centres and the hills have magic beans that cause people to be creative. Or is it something else..

The area has many different kinds of artists that show their work at local exhibition venues such the Museum in the Park and Lansdown Hall. Have a look at our Instagram followers or who we follow to find local artists and alternative shopping.

What’s Stroudie Central about?

It’s about Stroud in Gloucestershire and the surrounding area. A lot goes on in Stroud which according to the Daily Mail is some awful place full of hippy activists. But who cares what the DM thinks.

This is countered by The Times that lists it as one of the best places to live in 2019.

Stroud is currently on the map for being home to the Extinction Rebellion founders, hence the Daily Mail appearing to dislike the place.

This site will try to capture the main changes that happen here. It also has information on things like walks in the area and historical information on the old cloth industry and mills.

Stroudie Central makes no claims to be a source of the latest news. It’s a personally funded site / blog, although it tries to keep up with the main events.

Items that aren’t news items such as walks or information on old buildings etc will normally be found under the ‘Out and About’ menu so won’t appear on the home page.

Other information that’s more Nailsworth centric can be found on another of my sites, nailsworth.com which has been around since the dawn of the Internet. I will probably be moving most of that site to here at some point as so little happens in Nailsworth and that site needs a major overhaul.

Where is Stroud?

It’s about five miles from junction 13 on the M5. The nearest big city is Gloucester, about ten miles(ish) away. The nearest really big city is Bristol. Stroud is in what’s known locally as the five valleys.

Who funds and runs it?

It’s personally funded. Some parts of the site contain links to relevant books etc on Amazon for which I would receive a tiny commission if the click resulted in a sale. I also own a one man IT company called Orangevalley Systems that develops digital signage software along with electronics repairs. I also have a lot of experience with WordPress so if you’re stuck with something I might be able to help.

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All photographs and website content are copyright of the owner of Stroudie Central (unless otherwise stated) and may not be used or republished without permission. However, don’t be afraid to ask as I usually give it. Anything that helps to promote this site is good.

Specifically, this means don’t take my photographs and post them in Facebook groups without saying where you got them from.