About Stroudie Central


What’s Stroudie Central about?

It’s about Stroud in Gloucestershire and the surrounding area.

Stroudie Central makes no claims to be a source of the latest news. It’s a blog (very few of those now) that aims to document the main events around Stroud and to track the ever changing landscape as developers alter it.

The site has lots of information on local walks and on the many old mill buildings from the past cloth industry in the area. These items are found in the ‘Out and About’ and Walks menu.

This site is NOT auto generated by AI software that will sooner or later implode and ruin the Internet by consuming and republishing its own inaccurate and stolen content.

It’s written by a real person that has lived in Stroud valleys since the 70s.

Where is Stroud?

It’s in Gloucestershire. Stroud is in what’s known locally as the five valleys.

What’s a Stroudie?

The term Stroudie is a term thats grown into common usage over the years and refers to the people of Stroud and the surrounding area.

Stroud and the five valleys have a thriving community of artists that show their work at local exhibition venues such the Museum in the Park and Lansdown Hall.

There’s also a vibrant music scene with bands playing in local pubs and venues such as the sub rooms.

Pick up a copy of the monthly Good on Paper (free) available from most independent shops and cafes in the town to find out what’s going on each month (exhibitions, music, arts, the whole caboodle) along with some great articles.

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Specifically, this means don’t take my photographs and post them in Facebook groups or other media without saying where you got them from.