Street Art in an Abandoned Factory Unit


Continuing with the Stroudie Central graffiti and street art theme where we’re taking a look at the graffiti around the Stroud valleys there’s a dilapidated old factory unit at Brimscombe that’s full of it.

Old factory unit full of street art
The building. Enter at your peril..

The approach to it is along an overgrown track off the canal path. You’re greeted by lots of odd sounds as you enter the building making it a little spooky if you’ve not been before.

Even if you have, you’d probably be on heightened awareness as you never know who or what might be lurking in the shadows.

Factory unit at Brimscombe full of street art
Artwork on the back of the building

The noises are caused by pigeons as large sections of the roof are missing, so no mystery there.

The missing roof kind of helps as it lets in the light bringing the paintings to life.

Street art in an old factory unit at Brimscombe

Every bit of wall space has been used as a canvas. Even the outbuildings have been painted, inside and out.

The main roof supports look sound, but be aware of sizable pieces of metal hanging precariously from it if you go for a look.

Street art in old factory unit at Brimscombe
A big piece of art on an internal wall

Some of the art (is it art?) is obviously from the same person that works under the bridge on the cycle track at Woodchester.

I presume the building will be knocked down at some point as it’s right on the edge of a new housing development.

Street art and graffiti at Brimscombe in Gloucestershire

Old factory unit at Brimscombe that's full of street art

Graffiti in an old factory unit

Street art in an old factory unit

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