Old Comms Tower near Ozleworth Park


If you live in the area you can’t have missed it. It looks like a mini Post office Tower perched on the hill near where the road splits towards Wotton-under-Edge and Dursley.

old radio tower near Wotton-under-Edge
Ozleworth Tower in June 2024

Obviously there’s no restaurant at the top of the tower like the one in London has and the way in isn’t very glamorous either.

Door in the base of the comms tower near Wotton-under-Edge
Small door at the foot of the tower

It’s changed over the years, mostly it looks like communication isn’t its strong point any longer as all the dishes and aerials have been removed. There’s more of those on the TV transmitter across the road!

Old comms tower near Dursley and Wotton-under-Edge
The Ozleworth Tower with all the antennas removed – 2024

The photos below show how it used to look. I’m not sure of the date but the photos (slides) were probably taken in the 90’s. As you can see, it had a lot of antennas on it back then!

The dishes would have been lined up with other communications towers. Most of that traffic is probably now carried over the Internet or via satellite links.

Communications tower near Ozleworth Park probably in the 90's

Communications tower near Ozleworth Park probably during the 90's

The approach road from the A4135 has some great views looking down the valley into Wotton.

Communications tower near Dursley and Wotton-under-Edge

Access to it is easy, take the road to Ozleworth Park and the road splits to go either side of it. If you’re into towers such as this it’s worth a look. If it’s largely redundant it might get pulled down.

If anybody has any technical info on the tower or photos taken from the top they don’t mind me publishing please contact me.

I’ve put a video of it on the Stroudie Central YouTube channel.

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