Graffiti along the Cycle Track


Graffiti is getting to be a thing around Stroud.

It reminds me of the approach by train to Paddington twenty or thirty years ago where tube trains would be seen covered in the stuff.

Graffiti at Woodchester
Graffiti on the approach to the underpass at Woodchester

With it tenacity for clinging to railway infrastructure there’s a big graffiti thing going on under the bridges at Woodchester where the cycle track passes under the A46.

Graffiti on the cycle track at Woodchester

The piece below is big and colourful.

Street Art on the cycle track at Woodchester
Street art under the A46 at Woodchester

Is graffiti art or vandalism?

An age old question, maybe it’s both. A lot is rubbish though. If you want to express yourself make an effort sort of thing rather than turning your surroundings into cr*p just because you’re bored.

The above arguments aside, the graffiti under the bridge is bright and colourful and instead of zooming past on your bike stop and have look at it.

Some of this probably comes under street art rather than typical graffiti as it’s not all creative lettering.

Interesting graffiti on the cycle track at at Woodchester

There’s often somebody at work under the bridge with a box of rattle cans.

Graffiti at Woodchester on the cycle track

This piece below is out in the open and with its bright colours on a black background is striking.

Graffiti at Woodchester

Street art on the cycle track between Nailsworth and Stroud

Bloke with a gun. I think we’ve seen enough guns now.

Graffiti at Woodchester

Graffiti changes as often as the weather so it will look different in six months time when it gets painted over.

It looks like different sections of the wall have been claimed by different artists as there’s different background colours in use.

Graffiti at Woodchester
General view of the graffiti and street art under the bridges at Woodchester

Graffiti at Woodchester

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