The Wimberley Mills housing development at Brimscombe


Some photographs of the new housing development taking shape at the old Wimberley Mills site at Brimscombe. This development is for a 100 or so homes.

As this is dragging on, rather than creating a new article every time anything changes I will update this page. The latest updates are at the top of the page.

Update 12th February 2024: Some red brickwork and what looks like pipework have appeared. The long white building is an existing factory unit.

Wimberley Mills housing development Feb 2024

Wimberley Mills Housing Development

Update 2nd July 2023: A few changes at this site, lots more foundations have gone in. I have uploaded a video to the Stroudie Central YouTube channel taken from Knapp Lane where you get a good view of the site.

Update 6th March 2023: Still not a lot of change with this development as the photos show. The canal path beside the site that was previously closed has now reopened, although it’s subject to unannounced temporary closure.

Wimbereley Mills housing development

Wimbereley Mill housing development

Update 4th October 2022: Nothing much has changed. It’s still a big flat piece of land with no major progress other than a large piling machine has appeared. The old Critchley building at the bottom of Knapp lane has since been pulled down.

To those not familiar with where this development is, it’s the other side of the A419 and railway where Toadsmoor Hill joins the A419. It’s the land where Critchley Brothers were based back in the 80s (and way before that).

Wimberly Mills housing development at Brimscombe
Taken from Blackness Banks

The above photo was taken from Blackness Banks. It looks more like they’re building an airport runway than houses. Stroud is to the right. The plan is to build 100 or so homes.

Not a lot appeared to be happening on the site for a while due to various planning delays but some work is now taking place.

Anybody trying to use the canal path alongside the development will find it blocked. There are signs showing you an alternative way to get around the works.

Dredging the canal at on the Wimberly Mills site at Brimscombe
Dredging the canal looking towards Chalford

A site worker I spoke to told me that this is because they’ve built a large flat area that a piling machine can operate from and the canal path will be restored.

Dredging the canal at Brimscombe
The canal after dredging

The section of canal alongside the site was dredged for the canal restoration project.

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