Video of old DMUs at Jackdaw Bridge

Class 119 DMU at Jackdaw Bridge

This isn’t a site about train spotting but..

I’ve uploaded some old video to the Stroudie Central YouTube channel that I shot 30 years ago of some diesel multiple units at Jackdaw Bridge near Frampton Mansell. They were filmed back in December 1991.

This section of line is on quite a steep incline as it’s winding its way out of the Chalford valley. Engines are working hard at this point, hence the exhaust from the Sprinter.

Jackdaw Bridge is interesting due to its shape and is incredibly steep to walk up.

The trains are an old class 108 (I think) in British Rail blue and white livery and a newer (back then) class 150 Sprinter. I may be wrong on the class designations, I was more into the big old diesels like the Westerns rather than these little things.

The main attribute of the class 108 was to induce a headache with its vibrating droning engine. The only plus point with them was you could see out the front or back if you sat in the seats just behind the drivers cab.

The quality isn’t fabulous as it was shot on a Hi8 camcorder which is distinctly low res by current standards.

There is also another video of a DMU and HST by the Horton road crossing in Gloucester, shot at night.

The old railway workshops at Horton Road have been demolished to make way for housing.

None of these trains are in service any longer on this stretch of line, or anywhere in the case of the older blue and white DMU.

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