Studio 18 Photography Exhibition


Studio 18’s photography exhibition titled Spaces, Places and Faces celebrates the beauty and rich heritage of Stroud, Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds.

It will be open to the public from 6pm on Saturday 20th November until the 13th December.

Featuring photographs from both professional artists and amateurs alike, the show will include some beautifully poignant pictures taken behind the scenes at Giffords Circus, which expose a sensitive insight from an alternative perspective to the exuberant performances which we know and love.

nell gifford studio18
Nell Gifford – Nikoletta Monyok

The exhibition shines a light on the voices of real people, exhibiting photos from those who farm the land, who find peace amongst the landscape and the natural spaces it has to offer, whilst also giving a stage to a younger voice from the students of South Gloucestershire and Stroud college.

All of these works are hung side by side, giving the viewer a rare glimpse into an authentic representation of what it means to live in this place.

Location: Studio 18, Hope Mills Business Centre, Brimscombe, Stroud GL5 2SE.


The below photos are:
1) The Guv’nor – Minchinhampton common – Natasha Scott
2) Rodborough Common – Debbie Jones
3) Public intervention with The Rule no 2 2020 – Alice Sheppard Fidler


rodborough common studio18


public intervention studio18