The Wallbridge Development in Stroud


Update: 30th January 2024

It appears that Stroud District Council brought the land from the Newland Homes in December 2022 as under their control it gives them better scope to manage the development. From the SDC website:

Although the land already has consent for development, the Council will be looking to prepare new site plans, to improve connections between the canal and the town centre, and to rebalance the size and types of housing.

The original proposal for the site is in the following article I published in 2021. I guess this development is going to drag on for a good few years yet!

The original Stroudie Central article is below.

There’s a lot of building and proposed building in and around Stroud at the moment, Wallbridge is another on the list.

Artists impression of the Wallbridge development in Stroud

Newland Homes have it on their website as Forthcoming as opposed to a Proposal although they don’t date anything.

The previous plan was halted due to problems with the site.

This is going to change the skyline of Stroud as they are proposing tall buildings in the space between the railway station and the canal.

They plan on building 47 homes and two retail units along with the conversion of the old warehouse by the side of the canal that was damaged in a fire.

This is somewhat revised from previous applications of 110 and 37 homes.

I think the fire was the thing that halted the original plan as it apparently added a significant cost to the development although that might have been being used as a bargaining point as it wasn’t exactly a big building.

Stroud Wallbridge development

Nothing has changed yet at the Wallbridge site, but it’s one to watch.

All images are from the Newland Homes website that in January 2024 appears to no longer show the proposed development.