Daniels Industrial Estate Development


Update: 30th January 2024

Newland Homes have officially purchased the site and are poised to start demolition and groundworks this year.

Below is the original article on the development I published on the 12th June 2021.

The plan to redevelop the old Daniels industrial estate into housing has been in the making for a few years now, and is shown in the image below.

proposed daniels estate development in Stroud

This is a large triangle of land below B&Q. Some new housing has recently been completed at the lower end of the estate that runs along the side of Dudbridge Road.

So what’s the latest plan?

The original plan was for the estate to house a new supermarket, a drive through and cafe and about 50 homes.

Thats since changed as Lidl are building on land at the old Redlers site and Aldi have built a store on the Lightpill Estate.

The latest application looks quite interesting as Newland Homes have submitted plans for 111 low carbon homes to be built.

The planned new homes are:

88 two and three bedroom terraced, semi-detached and detached.

23 one and two bedroom flats.

Danials Estate in Stroud from Rodborough Fort
Daniels Estate from Rodborough Fort

Low Carbon Homes

This is the interesting bit as it’s a departure from the usual boxes that get built. The new homes will use the latest technologies to reduce carbon emissions.

The levels of insulation will exceed current building regulations and the homes will be fitted with heat pumps to provide the heating. This is probably more a case of Newland Homes looking ahead more than anything else as gas boilers are to be phased out fairly soon.

In addition, the buildings will have large arrays of solar panels and be orientated to get maximum benefit from the sun.

Wiring provision for electric vehicle charge points will be added, although provision presumably means not actually fitted as standard.

The new homes are planned to keep the look of the original industrial use of the site by using red brick and north roof lights.

North roof lights are those saw tooth type roofs you get on a lot of old industrial buildings as in the photo below. The below is just a random photo and is nothing to do with the new builds.

The new flats just built by the Dudbridge Road have this type of roof.

Don’t forget the hedgehogs

Fences around gardens are to have small holes along the bottom to allow our prickly friends to move around. Bird and bat boxes will be added along with landscaped areas and the homes will have water butts.

One the face of it, it sounds like an interesting new development with some green credentials.

The old industrial buildings

The existing industrial buildings have been deemed unworthy of keeping due to their dilapidated condition. As a lot of industrial development is taking place between Stonehouse and the M5 junction, the idea is that businesses will set up there. While there is probably some truth in that, the report I read came from the developer.

Shifting too much industry out of the immediate area runs the risk of turning Stroud into something that only provides retail jobs which isn’t ideal and the traffic out towards Stonehouse in the rush hour can be horrendous.

Some of the new homes are to be built with a view to home working so have additional study space.


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