The Stroud Hum

the stroud hum

Last week we had explosions in Stratford Park, this week we have a hum.

Lots of comments on social about the ‘Stroud Hum’ which sounds like a great old Stroudie rock band thats since faded into obscurity along with the high street roof top protests.

Rock bands aside, the Stroud hum is an actual sound that people regularly complain about hearing usually during the night. The area around Thrupp is often mentioned, although Stonehouse is no stranger to it and fingers point to the Muller factory as being the source.

The comments from people this week suggest it’s heard all around the five valleys, even out as far as the W in Nailsworth.

I remember from years ago people living along Windsoredge (I think) mentioning on a droning sound they could sometimes hear. There’s a big factory down in the valley at Inchbrook that may or may not been the source of the noise.

On investigation the hum sounds like it’s far and wide and might in fact be heard all around the world, so is very real.

Comments on social describe it as sounding like a ticking over diesel engine. If it’s accompanied by the sound of milk bottles it’s probably the milkman.

Some of the noises people are reporting sound like tinnitus, which you are more aware of when it’s quiet.

There were big stories about the Bristol hum some time back that nobody got to the bottom of, probably as most people can’t hear it.

This is a recording of the Bristol hum recorded in the Totterdown area of Bristol.

The hum starts at around ten seconds in. It’s not very hum like and sounds more like the output of Klaus Schulze but as it’s on YouTube it must be true.

The Stroud hum has so far been attributed to:

The Vaccine
Your Fridge
The new incinerator

Research suggests that it’s caused by the micro seismic action of long ocean waves impacting the sea bed which causes the planet to vibrate thus causing the droning sound – source: The Independent.

I’m not sure how easy that would be to prove or disprove as you can’t stop the oceans doing their thing unless you’ve got a way of switching the moon off.

I guess this is one of those things that’s set to rumble on and on.