Work Starts on the Lidl development at Dudbridge

works starts on the Avocet Trading Estate

Work is well underway to prepare the old Avocet Industrial Estate at Dudbridge for housing and new Lidl store.

Most will probably know this site as the old Redler site as they were one of the big employers in these parts back in the 80s.

It’s a big site, but with a planned 130 new homes and supermarket with car park it’s going to be a tight fit.

The politics of housing aside, I’m more interested in recording the changes that take place around these parts so to that end I took a few photos as the site is easily viewed from the road and canal path.

At the moment (April 2021) buildings are being demolished and foundations are being dug along with installing flood defenses etc.

demolishing building at the Avocet trading estate in Stroud

Old Redlers site in Stroud being redeveloped

Avocet Trading Estate being redelovped in Stroud

Foundations being dug at new Lidl supermarket site in Stroud

big old light in demolished building

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