Beast from the East on the Way?


Talk of the Beast from the East is a hot topic on a lot of weather sites at the moment with Feb the 9th being the day to watch.

Weather forecasts are either created by looking at seaweed hanging off a hook on your shed door or by the slightly more advanced way of using supercomputers running complex models on weather data.

Different models give you different results. Some are predicting the cold Beast from the East at the start of next week.

It looks like a lot of the UK will be getting snowfall, although it’s not yet certain if we will get any in Stroud as next week is a bit far off for accurate UK weather forecasting.

As a side note, this January has been the coldest for 11 years with the CET (Central England Temperature) at 3.1 °C. 2010 was significantly colder at 1.4 °C

The CET is defined in Wikipedia as:

The monthly mean surface air temperatures for the Midlands region of England, are given (in degrees Celsius) from the year 1659 to the present.