Another Stroud Radio Station, Deepbed Radio

image of a radio station microphone

Being on the lookout for local radio stations this has cropped up.

They’re not really radio stations any longer as they’re internet streaming stations but this one is called Deepbed Radio.

This is taken from their about page:

Deepbed Radio is a new project led by artists and supported by artists that has self set the task of profiling DJs and audio projects with roots or threads to artist led hubs in the Stroud and Gloucester area. Over the last couple of years there has been a relationship building between artists based and working in Gloucester and artists based and working in Stroud, many artists are living in Bristol or London and elsewhere still have strong connections here.

It’s a tie in with the SVA (stroud Valley Arts) in John street, Stroud.

Link here for a listen and more information:

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