The Informer – An Old Stroud Underground Paper


I thought I’d mention this as it was from a time before the Internet, and lots of small historical things have been forgotten.

Years ago, probably back in the 70s Stroud had a sort of underground paper called The Informer. It wasn’t particularly subversive or even very underground but compared to the SNJ of the time it probably was.

Stroud Informer Newsdesk
The lavish office of The Informer

Its headquarters were in a cold room in the Old Convent at Beeches Green, back in the days when people battled with typewriters and tippex.

To those of this modern age, typewriters were mechanical devices that were often used to write ransom notes.

I think The Informer was about the size of the Beano and sold for a similar price. I doubt it was free, nobody did free back then. I can’t remember what was in it although there was invariably a demo of some sort or another going on in Stroud so it would have covered those.

The big thing back then was the proposed demolition of a number of buildings at the top of the high street along with the tree protests in Stratford Park when the big Tescos was built.

As that period of time was pre social media nowhere near as many photos were taken as cheap cameras were terrible and better ones were very expensive and of course you had to pay to get your photos developed.

Between then and now protesting went a bit quiet (apart from the poll tax riots) and has only really started up again with the formation of Extinction Rebellion and now all the lockdown protests plus many others.

The Informer never really took off which is why it vanished and was forgotten about. It’s now just a distant memory to some older Stroudies who may occasionally remember it with some fondness while watering their runner beans and despairing with the world.

There might be an old copy of one somewhere and if anybody knows of one let me know as it would be interesting to see what sort of things it contained.