Stroud to Nailsworth Cycle Track

Nailsworth Cycle Track

The cycle track as it’s commonly known is used by walkers and cyclists alike and last year all the rough bits (eg most of it) were resurfaced with something made largely from old car tyres.

Previously it was bit of a mud bath in the winter which stopped a lot of people from using it.

For those not in the know, the track uses the route of the old Midland Railway (it was mostly GWR in these parts) that terminated in the car park at Egypt mill.

I’ve used the cycle track quite a lot recently as the traffic between Nailsworth and Stroud is pretty awful at the best of times and just gets worse.

So, now the new surface has had a year to bed in what’s it like to cycle on?

It’s really good, you pretty much glide along it. Well, you do on a mountain bike with fatter tyres than a road bike. I’ve read comments from joggers saying it’s good to run on as well, presumably due to it’s rubbery build.

Cycling from Dudbridge to Nailsworth is all up hill. Not a steep hill, but it’s easier to cycle in the other direction. The old untreated mud and bedrock surface made it much more obvious you were fighting gravity which the new surface has made a lot easier.

If you factor in all the hassle of traffic jams and parking in town (Nailsworth or Stroud) cycling journey time is probably very similar to using the car plus you get to ride in a great scenic setting which you just don’t get on the A46!