SGS College Art Exhibition 2019

art exhibition at sgscollege stroud

It’s that time of the year again when the SGS college in Stroud fling open their automatic doors and allow the public in to view the work of their art students.

I’m only going to show you a few photos I took as you need to see the exhibition for yourself.

stroud college art exhibition
SGS College Art Exhibition

I’ve been to a few of these now and they’re always a great insight into the art world and the minds of artists.

Art entitled Weird Wednesday
This was entitled Weird Wednesday

There was some of the angst stuff from previous years but life can be, well a bit rubbish at times so it’s not out of place.

face image on stained glass
One of some excellent stained glass exhibits

There’s a lot of good work here that covers sculpture, stained glass, ceramics, conventional paintings, video, photography and installations, where entire rooms have been turned over to something such as a bedroom complete with pictures on the wall.

Another curious one is conveying the feelings of security found being under canvas as a child aka a tent with fluffy clouds hanging from the ceiling by string.

Art installation about being under canvas
Art installation about being under canvas

There is also a very good video presentation with someone explaining what it’s like for them to have dyslexia.

For some reason lot of plaster feet and hands abound, maybe they had a mould making party.

If you’re brave enough, go through the door not into Narnia but into a dark cupboard full of mirrors and spooky sounds. And more of those plaster hands.

You’re supposed to shut yourself in and be immersed in the weirdness of it. I wasn’t falling for that old trick, I just had a look through the keyhole.

door to somewhere art installation
This door takes you to somewhere else

It’s a great exhibition with free entry, and with the current dire weather it’s a good hour away from it in the warm.

You might even forget the country is heading down the toilet for an hour.

Now about that door to Narnia..