Stroud Vintage Shopping

vintage motorcycle in Stroud

Walking around town this sunny bank holiday I noticed this fine old motorcycle parked outside a vintage shop in John Street.

The bike and shop were a perfect match and made for a great photo, I think!

There are actually two vintage shops next to each other here, both targeting different markets.

Have you ever wondered what the difference between vintage and antique is?

John Street just might hold the answer.

The green shop to the right sells old clay beer bottles, tin train set items and enamel signs while the other sells old furniture from the 60s and 70s along with old clothing.

Obviously both retailers stock other old items.

The names of the shops aren’t obvious, but the one to the left of the motorcycle is called Duffle, as was pointed out to me on Instagram and the other is The Old Clock and Gramophone Shop.

The motorcycle appears to be stuck between the two.

Maybe it’s waiting for its flux capacitor to charge up so it can head into another era completely!