Some film of Minchinhampton in 1971

Single decker bus in Minchinhamption in 1971

Some light relief from all the political stuff going on at the moment…

Every now and again a film from 1971 pops up on TV staring John Mills as a farmer that falls in love with his housekeeper Dulcima. It has a slightly tragic ending that involves the distraught farmer and his shotgun, but hey ho.

When I first saw it, there were a queue of people waiting at a bus stop (in the film). Nothing unusual in that, but the place looked very familiar.

Single decker bus on the Avening Hill
Bus heading down the hill into Avening from Tetbury. I think.

Next a little green single decker appeared and on the destination board were the words Forest Green. The bus stop was next to the market house in Minchinhampton.

There were then shots of the bus winding its way through Minchinhampton and past a small truck that said Hilliers Pies on it. Hilliers were once based in Newmarket, just out of Nailsworth town centre and were famous for pork pies and sausauges.

Further shots in the film show the bus going across the common with the ever present cows and then rounding that tight corner on the Avening road by the pub as the road climbs on towards Tetbury.

Single decker bus in Avening 1971
The junction by the pub in Avening. The bus has come from Minchinhampton

The photos were taken from the TV screen so are a bit rubbish, but if you want to see the area in the early 70s check out the film.

Photos are copyright of presumably EMI films who were the production company.