The Peoples Republic of Stroud Saving the World

The Art of Clay shop with sign in the window
Art of Clay Shop

In another political moment in Stroud, the Art of Clay, headquarters to the Peoples Republic of Stroud movement put a sign up on their door telling people that they were closed today as they had gone to London to save the world.

London of course had a big protest today by the growing Extinction Rebellion movement.

I’ve read comments in the local rag recently (once you’ve battled past all the popup adverts) about how the hippy population of Stroud have wrecked it, but Stroud has a very long history of protesting against big business.

A coffin was once carried around the town in a protest march against developers wanting to kock down old buildings in the High Street, and it worked.

Art of Clay saving the world
Sign in the Art of Clay shop door