Pizza at the new shopping centre

Merrywalks Refurb Hording

The multi million pound Merrywalks shopping centre refurb has signed up a customer, Fat Toni’s Pizzeria according to the tweet below.

Twitter announcement

I’ve nothing against Pizza sellers, but it doesn’t quite blend in with the grandiose upmarket Edwardian style of the shopping centre refurb that their marketing material has shown us.

Artists impression of the new merrywalks shopping centre

But there you have it, market forces in action and smiles all around.

With the current state of the retail market at the moment the only thing you can’t buy cheaper online from the likes of Amazon are cafe staples like hot tea and coffee along with fast food.

Stroud is primarily a working town with an interesting split between that and an alternative outlook, hence so many alternative independent shops along with lots of coffee shops operated by both big chains and independents.

It will be interesting to see who else signs up for the revamped units.