Platinum Palladium Printing Exhibition at the Museum in the Park


If you’re into black and white photography there is a very good exhibition on at the Museum in the Park in Stroud by 31 Studio.

The exhibition ends on the 10th of February with free admission.

It’s not black and white in the normal sense but the prints have undergone a process called platinum palladium printing. Basically the metal is absorbed into the paper which changes how the light is reflected back. The process prevents the photographs having any absolute blacks or whites but rather many tones of grey so even in shadows you might see some details.

This reminds me of the very first flat looking prints I made when I set up a black and white darkroom many years ago and got the paper exposure wrong except these prints are made by somebody that knows what they’re doing!


The photos are a mix of old and new that have all had the platinum process applied to them and look far better in the museum gallery than the photo here.

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