Half of King Street has vanished under scaffolding

Merrywalks Shopping Centre Redevelopment

As per the headline it quite literally has! The work on the Merrywalks shopping centre redevelopment has started.

You could argue that the timing of the scaffolding going up is seriously poor with Christmas shoppers about to descend on Stroud. Who really wants to go Christmas shopping at a huge building site? Holding off until January might have been a better plan.

Still, it is what it is and this is what we have 🙂

The shopping centre is still open, so your usual shopping is available.


Entrance into the shopping centre at the end of King Street

The multistory car park that they started work on first now has the bright green paint applied to lots of it as per the earlier artists impression. As it was pouring with rain when I took the photos I skipped photographing that. Just imagine a car park with really bright green paint all over it and you will be in the right ball park.

Taken from the multistory car park