Merrywalks Shopping Centre


As we all know by now the shopping centre or ‘precinct’ has changed hands and is about to have £12 million spent on redeveloping it into something with an Edwardian style entrance that may or may not fit into Stroud.

An artists impression of the revamp is below although that could be anywhere.

If you’re not into shopping centres the rest of Stroud has plenty to offer. I took a few photos of it before it all changes.

Stroud isn’t really as dead as it looks in the photos, I took them late afternoon on a Sunday when everything was closed.

One of the existing stores has had to close as per the large notice in their window. Argos recently moved out of the shopping centre and is now in the local Sainsbury store at Dudbridge.

The multistory car park is first on the development list and the developers website has an artists impression of how it will look. I can’t really get excited about car parks so I will just leave you with the artists impression. Mostly, it has a lot of green paint.

The developers are Dransfield Properties and you can read all the finer details of the project on their website.