Stroud Show 2017


The big daddy of local shows and has been running since time began. Well, Victorian times to be accurate.

Its future is now in the balance as the current committee is retiring due to health and age reasons. However, as its been running since time began I’m sure another committee will be assembled in time for next year.

The show followed on from last weeks festival of nature show, also at Stratford Park and a lot of the same local charities and stalls were there.

A big crowd pull was the Punch and Judy show with the usual battering and thumping taking place!

Jazz Friday were playing erm jazz outside the beer tent and were quite excellent while all the locally produced and quite perfectly aligned prize winning vegetables, cakes, flower petals in bowls of water etc were out on display in the horticultural tent.

I can’t help it and probably shouldn’t, but these displays make me giggle, especially with comments beside a chocolate cake entry that say ‘Good taste but the chocolate chunks are too big’.

In a world that appears to have gone quite mad with the likes of Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un running amok maybe the world needs more chocolate cake, and frankly the bigger the chocolate chunks on it the better!

A lot of the livestock were absent this year apparently due to illness. Having a stinking cold myself I can see why they didn’t want to turn up, although I suspect the illness was with the owner, not the animals!

A YouTube video of the jazz band.

Anyway, the show appeared well attended and the rain held off. The next big Stroud event is the Fringe Festival next month, while the next big out of Stroud event is the huge steam and vintage rally at South Cerney airfield on the 4th, 5th and 6th of August.