Lister Steam and Vintage Rally at North Nibley

Lister Tyndale steam rally

Its been running for years and like all these things it’s basically the same every year.

But that’s not why we go each year is it.

It’s a pleasant way to spend a few hours in the sun, reminiscing over the cars we remember from our childhood or that we or our parents once owned. Proper cars with oil pressure gauges, wooden dashboards and old fashioned analogue clocks that had a reassuring ticking sound as we slid behind the wheel and closed the sound of the world out.

Cars that you could repair with nothing more more than a basic tool kit, unless it was French or Italian and had the funny new fangled metric threads and needed special tools for, well everything!

And in amongst all the little industrial engines banging and spitting along the edge of the field as they spun their flywheels to light up little light bulbs or pump some water were the big daddies of the show, the traction engines.

The real workhorses of farming and road building of their day, that when stationary emit a deep and satisfying rhythmic pounding like a reggae band at Glastonbury, all of which have you muttering nonsense to yourself like the late great Fred Dibnah!

So then, the vintage rally at North Nibley is on this weekend and here are some photos from Saturday.