Stroud 2017 Election Result


David Drew of the Stroud Labour party wins!

Looking at the falling down signs outside the Stroud conservative club it looks like they may have known that all along!

Labour – David Drew – 29,994 votes – 47 per cent

Conservatives – Neil Carmichael – 29, 307 votes – 45.92 per cent

Liberal Democrats – Max Wilkinson – 2,053 votes – 3.2 per cent

Green Party – Sarah Lunnon – 1,423 votes – 2.2 per cent

UKIP – Glen Gogerly – 1,039 votes – 1.6 per cent

Overall turnout: 77 per cent

Overall votes: 63,816

From the Labour Party website:
David Drew held the seat as MP for 13 years in the period 1997 – 2010. David Drew bounced from retirement to reclaim the seat with 47 per cent of votes (29,994), 687 ahead of his Conservative rival and a hefty 5,553 vote swing.

He said: “It’s the seventh time I’ve done this, I should retire more often! “I never thought I would come back and be a winner, but the people of Stroud have had their chance and had their say. “I think maybe now the prime minister will be thinking about her position.

Stroud Labour Party